Version: 23.08.01  |  Release Date: 4th August 2023

A number of documents related to your food products can be required by buying companies to guarantee food safety and quality. One of the most important documents is the product specification.

Choose between two modes...
1. Use Price-Cracker Suite+ to do the heavy work calculating ingredient lists, nutrient values, allergens, origin %...
Price-Cracker Suite+ provides the nutrient data, ingredient lists, allergens and other calculations for the product specification reporting.
2. Stand-alone data entry mode to use ProductSpec+ to manually enter values to create your product specification sheets.

Do you have concerns of time and hassle transferring existing recipes and materials to ProductSpec+?
Many of our customers have benefited by us doing this for them.

This document contains a detailed description of the product, all the requirements related to the production process and informs about the ingredients and allergens of the product and its condition of production.

ProductSpec+ software comes with templates for product specification plus inner and outer labels for packaging.

General content of the product specification template includes...
~ Description
~ Quality Criteria
~ Intended Use and Directions
~ Ingredient Listing
~ Processing Agents
~ Allergens Statement
~ Serving Size
~ Nutrition Information
~ Food Safety Criteria
~ Regulatory Criteria
~ Shelf Life
~ Packaging
~ Child and Parent GTIN (Barcoded)
~ Country of Origin
~ Storage and Handling Conditions
~ Recipe image

CLICK HERE to see a specification sheet plus inner and outer labels example.

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Homebush Bay Foods
"I would like to thank you for the work you have put into ProductSpec+.
I find the program easy to use. It is a detailed, concise document generator that clearly labels our products specifications. It is the ideal tool to assist both our customers and ourselves in keeping our product specifications organized and clear throughout the production process. ProductSpec+ has simplified the arduous task of creating compliant packaging labels and specification sheets with hands on control of the finished document, saving us time and money."

Jeremy Burston B.Ec, Director, Homebush Bay Foods - Sydney, Australia